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About Itelligentsia

Itelligentsia has been providing expertise and hardware to our customers for over a decade. Over that period we have worked with over 2000 customers.

Many of our customers are in the technology business themselves as IT, Internet or Telecoms Service Providers. However, they look to us for comprehensive, in-depth product and design knowledge. They expect us to know our stuff and provide answers quickly.

And when we’ve helped them choose the right option, our supply and logistics service delivers what they need rapidly, with no fuss.

Our customers receive a personal service that helps them keep their costs down and their own services effective

Our Services

Rapid product sourcing, logistics and support to order

Dedicated specialist providing free in-depth Pre-Sales expertise

We pride ourselves on our great working relationships with existing customers, and offer customers a single point of contact who gets to know all aspects of the customer’s business.

Our customers are very tech literate, yet we have a proven track record of providing high end expertise to the most discerning customers in the business. We spot the gotchas that less experienced advisors often miss.

Our challenge is to bring the customer down, in terms of their spend, without compromising their requirements by being smart about design and specification.

Complete Logistics & Spares Service

Many of the large providers suffer from the disadvantages of automation and high volume processing – i.e. take humans out of the equation completely and important customer needs fall through the cracks.

Our logistics service maintains the human element, allowing flexibility and smarter interactions with customers.

We believe our personal touch, and our emphasis on building and maintaining relationships is good for business. Luckily, our customers agree.

Rapid Sourcing of Network Hardware

We can go so much further than our competitors who may rule out design options based on limited availability of product or are governed by a product portfolio that suits them as suppliers.

We go further to source the perfect solution.

Over the years, we have built a great network to source the products which are harder to find but which could be perfect for fulfilling the requirement.

We venture off-piste; we know the terrain; we can guide customers and there are far more options on offer. Indeed, many of the larger suppliers actually come to us for guidance and will ask us to source product.

Ongoing Engineering And Hardware Support

Of course when we’ve agreed the solution you need and we’ve provided the hardware, you want to know that your investment is protected and help is there when you need it.

Our products come with a warranty, either manufacturers or our own 12 month warranty. In most cases, hardware is critical to the customers own service provision and so we provide break/fix SLA’s ranging from standard 8x5xNBD to 24x7x4 on annual contracts. We have our own spares holdings so we don’t have to be dependent on a third party to provide service.

If you simply want to pay for service as and when you need it, then we provide Pay As You Go (PAYG) options too. If it’s an engineer response you require, either remote or onsite then, and around the clock, then we provide this too.

Asset Recovery Service

Itelligentsia’s Asset Recovery Service is the fastest, easiest way to get maximum value for your outdated or surplus networking technology assets.

With over a decade of experience as a trusted provider of networking hardware to the global marketplace, we are perfectly positioned to make it easy and low risk for you to recover value from your used networking equipment.

Working with us is simple, as it should be. We don’t offer defined service packages that may suit our own business model before consideration for your own requirements. Every customer conversation is unique.

Getting you a competitive price for your assets is what we do so you can realise the value quickly and stop the depreciation countdown.

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Our Products

Dedicated specialist providing free in-depth Pre-Sales expertise


  • From low cost CPE to high end Core.


  • From low cost L2 to chassis based.


  • Connecting you to genuine Cisco Refresh hardware


  • Indoor & Outdoor AP’s
  • SMB to Enterprise WLAN Controllers

IP Telephony

  • IP Handsets, wired and wireless
  • Voice Gateways - ISDN / SIP
  • CUCM H/W & S/W


  • Appliance based to Integrated Modules.

Customers don’t just give us a requirement and see what price comes back:

they give us a budget too and leave us to do the smart work in hitting the target.

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Experts as dedicated to making your business work as you are.

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